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TLL, Inc.Team Bios At-a-glance
Our teaching artists are among the most skilled in the arts education arena. It is our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you and the community.
Author of "The Colors We Feel"
and Loving Thyself: Discovering the Spirit Within




Myriame Pierre
Featured Work in "The Colors We Feel"
and "Loving Thyself: Discovering the Spirit Within"
Treasurer Technician/Academic Instructor



Sandy Dorsainvil, Principal Producer of Sounds of Little Haiti
Program​ Director of Rara Institute

Joseph 'Tiwouj' Senatus
Lead Drummer/Instructor

Exavier Mytho "Matisou Legba" Lead Drummer Instructor

Catelus 'Ton 
Ton' Laguerre     Master Drummer

Other Key Artists/Members:
Sherley Cesar, Secretary
Maalik (Lionel Duvalsaint)
Second Drummer

Guest Teaching Artists: 2016-2017

Inga Samuel, S.T.E.M

Ivana Lafrance, Creative Writing

Raymonde Piard, Creative Writing

Mervin Pierre, Facilitator

Nicolas Bernivides, Facilitator

Johanna Piard, Creative Writing/Public speaking
Eduardo Adam-Rebel​tArt Teacher

Katia Bobea, Art
Brigitte Belizaire, Folk Lit
Andrea Seidel, Art
Sharon Alexander, Art
Jessica Durand, Dance
Jolanda "Nzinga" Blanchard, Art and Dance

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