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Colors, Jason Derulo
Colors, Jason Derulo
TLL Dance Ensemble
Colors, Jason Derulo
Colors, Jason Derulo
Music video, Coca Cola anthem
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Colors Jason Derulo music video 

Rara Arts at ICA with Charo
Sii 2018 Camp field trip to Vizcaya and De la Cruz Art 

TLL Dance Ensemble at ICA
November 2017 

Mission Statement
Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, Inc. is organized to culturally and academically educate children, youth and adults in the community, through Haitian art, music, dance and literature; hence, instilling in youth a sense of self-worth which allows them to be healthier upstanding citizens of society while discovering hidden talents. 
  • Build and maintain a positive outlook on the Haitian culture
  • Build a sense of belonging to the community, country and the world
  • Build a ‘learning community’ and provide information on available resources
  • Enhance academic skills through innovative cultural enrichment programs
  • Align participants’ skills to their career choices while building personal goals

TLL, Inc. Pledge:
Be true to ourselves and others, give back to the environment and understand that we are an extension of the entire human race.

All of the events are offered to children free of charge. 
The children are given lunch, snacks and are taken on field trips.
The facilitators and instructors are all very qualified and have
much experiences in working with children.  We have on board
three certified teachers, experienced drummers,  choreographers
and a technology savvy personnel.  The children are given the
opportunities to engage in active learning in the areas of dance,
art, drumming, literature (through dramatization) and academic
skills.  Thus, we explore and discover a world of cultural fun!
 Techniques/ Ideas that Work for TLL, Inc.!
  1. Everyone feels a sense of belonging!
  2. Activate background/prior knowledge!
  3. Provide opportunities for success!
  4. Make things matter/build a sense of ownership!
  5. Provide moments for decision making/appropriate choices!
  6. Learning is a process; we are all learners!
  7. Take pride in work!
  8. Incorporate senses to make connection!
  9. Take responsibility for your actions!
  10. We are our worst critique, so don't be too hard on yourself!

 Community Central T.V. featured TLL, Inc. at LHCC center during dance class and performance at Big Night in Little Haiti sponsored by Rhythm Foundation
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Community Central TV: Inside Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, Inc.
Discover the hottest Haitian cultural moves in the world. Weiselande provides a clear and precise dance instruction to include step by step directions. Check it Out!
Check out the You tube video below!
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TLL offers Haitian Creole, dance and computer classes. More info on our 'Events' page.

 "The  Colors  We  Feel"
"Loving Thyself: Discovering the Spirit Within"
 Can be purchased at
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New References
Short documentary on the meaning of having an Art Center in Little Haiti exhibiting Contemporary Haitian Artists. Directed by Jean Willy Gerdes & narrated by Babacar M'Bow in May 2009.

A short video pictures of Tradisyon Lakou Lakay Spring Fest 2011. Please post your comments. Be informed and engaged! 
Spring fest 2011.wmv (WMV — 8 MB)
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